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Our Experience

For 25 years we were experts helping companies grow faster. Over time, we recognised that our clients already had good people to do this, but did not always engage them effectively. We are committed to partner with our clients to engage their people to build great businesses.

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Our Approach

Open-book coaching is the centre piece of  how we engage employees to build great companies. OBC rallies people together to create the future and share in fairly earned rewards of success. It also is a means to identify and prioritize opportunities for continuous improvement and to measure results.

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We stand behind our work. 

If in any month you are not satisfied with what we do, bring that to our attention.  We will remedy the problem or you will not be invoiced for the work. In open-book coaching projects, we tie half of our compensation directly to the self-funding incentive plan.

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Our Services

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Open-Book Implementation

Transform your company by getting every employee engaged in making money.

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Continuous Improvement Labs

In the OPAL Lab, an iterative, hands-on business simulation, participants learn by doing. They identify opportunities, experiment with different techniques, and measure results to learn what works best. When people find the answer, they own it.

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Customer Interviews

All revenue comes from customers. Learn more about this strategic and finite resource to boost revenue from repeat business and referrals. Identify potential vulnerabilities. We will make the calls or show you how to get your employees involved.


Strategic Marketing Advisory

From market definition, segmentation, opportunity maps, strategy to business models, we can identify new opportunities for growth and how to achieve them.

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Business Process Rehumanization

Customer engagement and loyalty require business processes to create human outcomes, not just transactions. That in turn means uniquely human qualities of service providers like curiosity, empathy, creativity, patience and boldness have to be designed into business processes.


Specialty Services

Drawing from experience as Head of the National Sales Team, Director of Global Marketing and Product Management and other line roles in marketing and sales, we offer support in negotiation, sales training, market selection, channel structure, partner management and market development.

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Next Steps…

If you want to improve business results and the lives of the employees who drive those results, lets talk